RF Evaluation and Development Kits, Boards

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1479-1006-ND / MDEK1001 12PACK DWM1001 KIT-NO BATTERIES Decawave Limited
1490-1038-ND / NRF51-DK DEV KIT FOR NRF51 SERIES Nordic Semiconductor ASA
1490-1053-ND / NRF52-DK DEV KIT FOR NRF52 BLE/NFC Nordic Semiconductor ASA
1490-1072-ND / NRF52840-DK EVAL BOARD FOR NRF52840 Nordic Semiconductor ASA
1568-1245-ND / WRL-13001 HACKRF ONE SparkFun Electronics
1586-1030-ND / ADK-W01 ZENTRIOS WI-FI DEVELOPER KIT Silicon Labs
1597-1274-ND / 102110018 LINKIT SMART 7688 Seeed Technology Co., Ltd
1597-1275-ND / 102110017 LINKIT SMART 7688 DUO Seeed Technology Co., Ltd
296-30816-ND / CC2520-CC2591EMK EVAL MODULE FOR CC2520-CC2591 Texas Instruments
296-30800-ND / CC1100E-EMK950 EVAL MODULE FOR CC1100 950MHZ Texas Instruments
296-30818-ND / CC2530-CC2591EMK EVAL MODULE FOR CC2530-CC2591 Texas Instruments
296-30811-ND / CC1120EMK-955 KIT EVAL MOD FOR CC1120-955 Texas Instruments
296-30799-ND / CC1100E-EMK470 EVAL MODULE FOR CC1100 470MHZ Texas Instruments
2047-H2B1MH2A2F0100-ND / H2B1MH2A2F0100 EVB CC35D8 LTE/4G FULL BAND 698- Unictron Technologies Corporation
1490-1073-ND / NRF52840-DONGLE USB DONGLE BLE + MULTIPROTOCOL Nordic Semiconductor ASA
MAX2135EVKIT#-ND / MAX2135EVKIT# KIT EVAL FOR MAX2135 TUNER Maxim Integrated
BOB-11083-ND / BOB-11083 SPARKFUN FM TUNER BASIC BREAKOUT SparkFun Electronics
1568-1392-ND / WRL-12775 RFM69 BREAKOUT 915MHZ SparkFun Electronics
1568-1393-ND / WRL-12823 RFM69 BREAKOUT 434MHZ SparkFun Electronics
2221-K001-ND / K001 ESP32 BASIC CORE IOT DEV KIT M5Stack Technology Co., Ltd.
2221-K002-ND / K002 ESP32 GREY KIT WITH 9AXIS SENSOR M5Stack Technology Co., Ltd.
2221-K007-ND / K007 M5STACK FIRE IOT DEV KIT (PSRAM) M5Stack Technology Co., Ltd.
1604-1001-ND / BMD-200-EVAL-S EVAL KIT SEGGER JLINK-OB PROGRAM U-Blox America Inc.
568-13959-ND / MRF300A-27MHZ MRF300AN REF BRD 27MHZ 330W NXP USA Inc.
497-17067-ND / B-L475E-IOT01A2 STM32 IOT DISCOVERY NODE 868MHZ STMicroelectronics
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