D-Sub Cables

1st Connector
2nd Connector
Contact Finish
Contact Finish Thickness
Number of Positions
Part Status
зображення товару каталоговий номер назва товару i опис виробник
A145068-ND / 1532180-3 M83513/03-B03N, MCKS-N1-B-15P6G9 TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine
1003-2406-ND / MDM-15PH006B-F222 CABLE ASY D TO WIRE 15P 914.4MM ITT Cannon, LLC
NOR1146-ND / CCA-009-I18R152 CABLE ASSY D TO MIC D 9P 457.2MM NorComp Inc.
H7PPH-2506M-ND / H7PPH-2506M CABLE D-SUB-HMM25H/AE25M/HMM25H Assmann WSW Components
AE1489-ND / AK-Y2301 CABLE ASSY HPDB68 UNSHLD 450MM Assmann WSW Components
H7PPH-2506G-ND / H7PPH-2506G CABLE D-SUB-HMM25H/AE25G/HMM25H Assmann WSW Components
AE9867-ND / AK133-2 CABLE ASSY DB25 SHLD BEIGE 2M Assmann WSW Components
AE1430-ND / AK-Y1301 CABLE ASSY HPDB68 SHLD 914.4MM Assmann WSW Components
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