Rectangular Connectors - Headers, Male Pins

Connector Type
Contact Finish - Mating
Contact Finish - Post
Contact Finish Thickness - Mating
Contact Finish Thickness - Post
Contact Length - Mating
Contact Length - Post
Contact Material
Contact Shape
Contact Type
Current Rating (Amps)
Fastening Type
Ingress Protection
Insulation Color
Insulation Height
Insulation Material
Mated Stacking Heights
Material Flammability Rating
Mounting Type
Number of Positions
Number of Positions Loaded
Number of Rows
Operating Temperature
Overall Contact Length
Part Status
Pitch - Mating
Row Spacing - Mating
Voltage Rating
зображення товару каталоговий номер назва товару i опис виробник
MTMM-117-15-T-S-555-ND / MTMM-117-15-T-S-555 CONN HEADER VERT 17POS 2MM Samtec Inc.
MTMM-105-12-T-S-555-001-ND / MTMM-105-12-T-S-555-001 CONN HEADER VERT 5POS 2MM Samtec Inc.
MTSW-105-10-T-S-555-ND / MTSW-105-10-T-S-555 CONN HEADER VERT 5POS 2.54MM Samtec Inc.
MTSW-102-11-T-S-555-RA-ND / MTSW-102-11-T-S-555-RA CONN HEADER R/A 2POS 2.54MM Samtec Inc.
WM50020-03-ND / 0026482032 CONN HEADER R/A 3POS 3.96MM Molex
455-2946-ND / B2B-XH-A-GU CONN HEADER VERT 2POS 2.5MM JST Sales America Inc.
455-2273-ND / B2B-XH-AM(LF)(SN) CONN HEADER VERT 2POS 2.5MM JST Sales America Inc.
961234-5900-AR-PR-ND / 961234-5900-AR-PR CONN HEADER SMD R/A 34POS 2.54MM 3M
961234-5900-AR-PT-ND / 961234-5900-AR-PT CONN HEADER SMD R/A 34POS 2.54MM 3M
961234-5900-AR-TP-ND / 961234-5900-AR-TP CONN HEADER SMD R/A 34POS 2.54MM 3M
961234-5500-AR-PT-ND / 961234-5500-AR-PT CONN HEADER SMD R/A 34POS 2.54MM 3M
961234-5500-AR-TP-ND / 961234-5500-AR-TP CONN HEADER SMD R/A 34POS 2.54MM 3M
961234-5604-AR-ND / 961234-5604-AR CONN HEADER R/A 34POS 2.54MM 3M
09185166916-ND / 09185166916 CONN HEADER R/A 16POS 2.54MM HARTING
455-4226-ND / S2B-XH-A-1(LF)(SN) CONN HEADER R/A 2POS 2.5MM JST Sales America Inc.
S9017E-03-ND / GRPB032MWCN-RC CONN HEADER R/A 6POS 1.27MM Sullins Connector Solutions
952-2457-ND / G125-MV12605L1P CONN HEADER VERT 26POS 1.25MM Harwin Inc.
952-3603-ND / M50-3530842 CONN HEADER VERT 8POS 1.27MM Harwin Inc.
952-3600-ND / M50-3530442 CONN HEADER VERT 4POS 1.27MM Harwin Inc.
MTSW-110-08-S-S-310-ND / MTSW-110-08-S-S-310 CONN HEADER VERT 10POS 2.54MM Samtec Inc.
WM16913-ND / 1053141116 CONN HEADER R/A 16POS 2.5MM Molex
DF1BZ-6P-2.5DSA(18)-ND / DF1BZ-6P-2.5DSA(18) CONN HEADER VERT 6POS 2.5MM Hirose Electric Co Ltd
455-1749-1-ND / S2B-PH-SM4-TB(LF)(SN) CONN HEADER SMD R/A 2POS 2MM JST Sales America Inc.
455-2660-ND / B06B-ZESK-1D(T)(LF)(SN)(N) CONN HEADER VERT 6POS 1.5MM JST Sales America Inc.
952-3604-ND / M50-3531042 CONN HEADER VERT 10POS 1.27MM Harwin Inc.
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