Evaluation Boards - Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs)

Base Part Number
Data Interface
Input Range
Number of A/D Converters
Number of Bits
Part Status
Power (Typ) @ Conditions
Sampling Rate (Per Second)
Supplied Contents
Utilized IC / Part
зображення товару каталоговий номер назва товару i опис виробник
EVAL-AD7779FMCZ-ND / EVAL-AD7779FMCZ EVAL BOARD FOR AD7779 Analog Devices Inc.
296-18429-ND / DEM-DDC112U-C EVALUATION FIXTURE FOR DDC112U Texas Instruments
AD9255-80EBZ-ND / AD9255-80EBZ BOARD EVALUATION 80MSPS AD9255 Analog Devices Inc.
DC919A-A-ND / DC919A-A BOARD DEMO 16BIT MSPS LTC2207 Analog Devices Inc.
DC918C-I-ND / DC918C-I BOARD EVAL LTC2207-14 Analog Devices Inc.
1528-1014-ND / 1083 EVAL BOARD ADS1015 12-BIT ADC Adafruit Industries LLC
296-20580-ND / TLV2553EVM EVAL MOD FOR TLV2553 Texas Instruments
EVAL-AD1871EBZ-ND / EVAL-AD1871EBZ BOARD EVAL FOR AD1871 Analog Devices Inc.
AD9648-125EBZ-ND / AD9648-125EBZ EVAL BOARD AD9648-125 Analog Devices Inc.
1738-1178-ND / DFR0316 MCP3424 18-BIT ADC-4 CHANNEL WIT DFRobot
DC1058A-D-ND / DC1058A-D BOARD EVAL FOR LTC2207/LTC6404-4 Analog Devices Inc.
EVAL-AD7795EBZ-ND / EVAL-AD7795EBZ BOARD EVAL FOR AD7795 Analog Devices Inc.
DC918C-H-ND / DC918C-H BOARD EVAL LTC2207-14 Analog Devices Inc.
EVAL-AD7770FMCZ-ND / EVAL-AD7770FMCZ EVAL BOARD FOR AD7770 Analog Devices Inc.
DC1098A-A-ND / DC1098A-A BOARD EVAL LTC2281IUP Linear Technology/Analog Devices
EVAL-CN0254-SDPZ-ND / EVAL-CN0254-SDPZ EVAL SYSTEM FOR CN0254 Analog Devices Inc.
PPC30KW-2CT-ND / PR02000203002JR500 RES 30K OHM 2W 5% AXIAL Vishay Beyschlag/Draloric/BC Components
296-20574-ND / TLC3541EVM EVAL MOD FOR TLC3541 Texas Instruments
AD9246-125EBZ-ND / AD9246-125EBZ BOARD EVAL FOR 125MSPS AD9246 Analog Devices Inc.
DC854D-D-ND / DC854D-D EVAL BOARD FOR LTC2208-14 Analog Devices Inc.
DC996B-C-ND / DC996B-C EVAL BOARD FOR LTC2208-14 Analog Devices Inc.
DC854D-B-ND / DC854D-B EVAL BOARD FOR LTC2208 Analog Devices Inc.
DC996A-Q-ND / DC996A-Q EVAL BOARD FOR LTC2208-14 Analog Devices Inc.
PPC75KW-3JTB-ND / PR03000207502JAC00 RES 75K OHM 3W 5% AXIAL Comair Rotron
1127-3173-ND / EVAL-AD7175-8SDZ EVAL BOARD AD7175-8 Analog Devices Inc.
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