Logic - Shift Registers

Base Part Number
Logic Type
Mounting Type
Number of Bits per Element
Number of Elements
Operating Temperature
Output Type
Package / Case
Part Status
Supplier Device Package
Voltage - Supply
зображення товару каталоговий номер назва товару i опис виробник
296-18207-1-ND / SN74LV164ARGYR IC 8-BIT SERIAL SHIFT REG 14-QFN Texas Instruments
296-36142-5-ND / SN74HC595NE4 IC SHIFT REGISTER 8BIT 16-DIP Texas Instruments
HV5222PG-G-ND / HV5222PG-G IC 32BIT SRL PARALLEL 220V 44PQF Microchip Technology
HV5122PJ-G-ND / HV5122PJ-G IC 32BIT SRL PARALLEL 220V 44PLC Microchip Technology
HV5122PG-G-ND / HV5122PG-G IC 32BIT SRL PARALLEL 220V 44PQF Microchip Technology
296-26902-5-ND / TPIC6C596DG4 IC PWR 8-BIT SHIFT REGIS 16-SOIC Texas Instruments
296-22435-1-ND / TPIC6C596DRG4 IC LOGIC 8BIT SHFT REGSTR 16SOIC Texas Instruments
1727-3534-ND / HEF4021BT,652 IC REGISTER STATIC 8BIT 16-SOIC Nexperia USA Inc.
296-13860-6-ND / CD4094BPWR IC BUS REGISTER 8STAGE 16-TSSOP Texas Instruments
296-14020-1-ND / SN74HC164PWR IC SHFT REG SERIAL 8BIT 14-TSSOP Texas Instruments
296-13860-1-ND / CD4094BPWR IC BUS REGISTER 8STAGE 16-TSSOP Texas Instruments
296-14090-6-ND / CD4015BPWR IC DUAL STATIC SHFT REG 16-TSSOP Texas Instruments
296-14838-1-ND / SN74HC164DR IC 8BIT SERIAL SHIFT REG 14-SOIC Texas Instruments
296-2069-ND / CD4094BE IC BUS REGISTER 8STAGE 16-DIP Texas Instruments
296-2097-5-ND / CD74HCT164E IC 8-BIT SHIFT REGISTER HS 14DIP Texas Instruments
296-2123-5-ND / CD74HCT4094E IC BUS REG TRI-ST 8STG 16-DIP Texas Instruments
296-2162-5-ND / CD4031BE IC SHFT REG STATIC 64STG 16-DIP Texas Instruments
296-2163-5-ND / CD4035BE IC SHIFT REG P-IN/P-OUT 16-DIP Texas Instruments
296-23992-6-ND / SN74HC165QPWRG4Q1 IC 8BIT SHIFT REGISTER 16-TSSOP Texas Instruments
296-24633-1-ND / SN74LV595AQPWRQ1 IC SHIFT REG 8BIT 3ST 16TSSOP Texas Instruments
296-25957-5-ND / CD4094BPW IC SHFT/STORE BUS REGSTR 16TSSOP Texas Instruments
296-25939-1-ND / CD4015BM96 IC DUAL STATIC SHFT REG 16-SOIC Texas Instruments
296-27189-1-ND / CD4094BNSR IC SHIFT/STORE BUS REGSTR 16SO Texas Instruments
296-27439-6-ND / CD4021BQDRQ1 IC SHIFT REGISTER 8STAGE 16SOIC Texas Instruments
296-27874-6-ND / SN74HC164DRG3 IC SHIFT REGISTER 8BIT 14SOIC Texas Instruments
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