PMIC - Motor Drivers, Controllers

Base Part Number
Current - Output
Motor Type - AC, DC
Motor Type - Stepper
Mounting Type
Operating Temperature
Output Configuration
Package / Case
Part Status
Step Resolution
Supplier Device Package
Voltage - Load
Voltage - Supply
зображення товару каталоговий номер назва товару i опис виробник
296-28829-2-ND / DRV8829PWPR IC MTR DRVR BIPLR 8.2-45V 28SSOP Texas Instruments
296-36582-1-ND / DRV8801QRTYRQ1 IC MTR DRVR BIPOLAR 8-38V 16QFN Texas Instruments
296-37195-1-ND / DRV8850RGYR IC MTR DRV UNIPOLAR 2-5.5V 24QFN Texas Instruments
296-29503-1-ND / DRV8825PWPR IC MTR DRVR BIPLR 8.2-45V 28SSOP Texas Instruments
PAM8016AKRDIDKR-ND / PAM8016AKR IC MTR DRV 2.8-5.5V U-FLGA1515-9 Diodes Incorporated
AH5794-FDC-7DIDKR-ND / AH5794-FDC-7 IC MOTOR DRIVER 1.8V-6V 6DFN Diodes Incorporated
296-28765-1-ND / DRV8601DRBR IC MOTOR DRIVER 2.5V-5.5V 8SON Texas Instruments
296-24768-6-ND / TMP821DR IC MOTOR DRIVER 4V-28V 8SOIC Texas Instruments
BU6909AGFT-TLDKR-ND / BU6909AGFT-TL IC MOTOR DRIVER 1.8V-5.5V TSSOF6 Rohm Semiconductor
TB67S109AFTGELTR-ND / TB67S109AFTG,EL IC MOTOR DRIVER BIPOLAR 48WQFN Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage
TB6600HG-ND / TB6600HG IC MTR DRVR BIPOLAR 8-42V 25HZIP Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage
296-DRV8830DRTR-ND / DRV8830DRCT IC MTRDRV BIPLR 2.75-6.8V 10VSON Texas Instruments
620-1343-1-ND / A4988SETTR-T IC MTR DRVR BIPOLAR 3-5.5V 28QFN Allegro MicroSystems
TB67H450FNGELCT-ND / TB67H450FNG,EL 3A/50V 1CH BRUSHED Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage
296-25408-1-ND / TMP815PWR IC MOTOR DRIVER 6V-16V 16TSSOP Texas Instruments
MLX90285LVK-AAA-000-SP-ND / MLX90285LVK-AAA-000-SP IC MOTOR DRIVER 5V-30V TO92-4 Melexis Technologies NV
MLX90297KLD-SAF-108-SP-ND / MLX90297KLD-SAF-108-SP 1-COIL PWM 3.0 18V 800MA CURRENT Melexis Technologies NV
MLX90297LLD-SAF-108-SP-ND / MLX90297LLD-SAF-108-SP IC MOTOR DRIVER 10DFN Melexis Technologies NV
MLX90287LLD-AAA-000-SP-ND / MLX90287LLD-AAA-000-SP IC MOTOR DRIVER 4.5V-18V 10DFN Melexis Technologies NV
MLX90297KZC-ABF-108-SP-ND / MLX90297KZC-ABF-108-SP IC MOTOR DRIVER 8SOIC Melexis Technologies NV
MLX90297KZC-AAF-108-SP-ND / MLX90297KZC-AAF-108-SP IC MOTOR DRIVER 8SOIC Melexis Technologies NV
413-MLX90297KLW-AAF-109-SP-ND / MLX90297KLW-AAF-109-SP 1-COIL PWM 3.3 18V 960MA CURRENT Melexis Technologies NV
MLX90297KLW-ABF-109-SP-ND / MLX90297KLW-ABF-109-SP 1-COIL PWM 3.3 18V 960MA CURRENT Melexis Technologies NV
MLX90287LZC-AAA-000-SP-ND / MLX90287LZC-AAA-000-SP IC MOTOR DRIVER 4.5V-18V 8SOIC Melexis Technologies NV
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