Rectangular Connectors - Housings

Connector Type
Contact Termination
Contact Type
Fastening Type
Mounting Type
Number of Positions
Number of Rows
Part Status
Row Spacing
зображення товару каталоговий номер назва товару i опис виробник
WM17781-ND / 5601230300 CONN RCPT HSG 3POS 2.00MM Molex
WM16977-ND / 0466230301 CONN RCPT HSG 3POS 3.00MM Molex
WM12886-ND / 0512161000 CONN RCPT HSG 10POS 2.00MM Molex
WM11562-ND / 1722561002 CONN RCPT HSG 2POS 3.50MM Molex
WM11563-ND / 1722561003 CONN RCPT HSG 3POS 3.50MM Molex
WM11564-ND / 1722561004 CONN RCPT HSG 4POS 3.50MM Molex
WM11605-ND / 1722561005 CONN RCPT HSG 5POS 3.50MM Molex
WM11607-ND / 1722561008 CONN RCPT HSG 8POS 3.50MM Molex
WM6058-ND / 5016461000 CONN RECEPT 10POS 2MM Molex
WM19967-ND / 0314036100 CONN RCPT 1X6 MXMETAL WOCPA BLK Molex
A144328-ND / 440133-2 CONN RCPT HSG 2POS 2.50MM TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
900-5024390200-ND / 5024390200 CONN PLUG HSG 2POS 2.00MM Molex
A25700-ND / 172162-1 CONN CAP 12POS MINI UNIV-MATE TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
WM1720-ND / 0510210200 CONN HOUSING 2POS 1.25MM NATURAL Molex
455-1903-ND / XAP-02V-1 CONN HOUSING XA 2POS 2.5MM JST Sales America Inc.
455-2149-ND / XAP-03V-1 CONN XA HOUSING 3 POS 2.5MM JST Sales America Inc.
2057-15CH-B-05-ND / 15CH-B-05 CONN RCPT HSG 5POS 1.50MM Adam Tech
455-2150-ND / XAP-04V-1 XA CONN DISCON CRIMP STYLE 4POS JST Sales America Inc.
952-2227-ND / M20-1060200 CONN RCPT HSG 2POS 2.54MM Harwin Inc.
WM13293-ND / 0873690500 CONN RCPT HSG 5POS 2.00MM Molex
WM6339-ND / 0643191219 CONN CMC RCPT 32POS 4ROW BROWN Molex
2057-1CH-A-04-ND / 1CH-A-04 CONN RCPT HSG 4POS 1.00MM Adam Tech
WM2601-ND / 0010112023 CONN HOUSING 2POS .100 HI PRESS Molex
WM22811-ND / 0050291558 CONN RCPT HSG 3POS 2.54MM Molex
WM3285-ND / 0470541000 CONN RCPT HSG 4POS 2.54MM Molex
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