Rectangular Connectors - Housings

Connector Type
Contact Termination
Contact Type
Fastening Type
Mounting Type
Number of Positions
Number of Rows
Part Status
Row Spacing
зображення товару каталоговий номер назва товару i опис виробник
1734-1080-ND / DTM04-3P CONN RCPT HSG 3POS TE Connectivity Deutsch Connectors
A122725-ND / 1355348-1 CONN RCPT HSG 18POS 2.54MM TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
670-2550-ND / IL-G-6S-S3C2-SA CONN RCPT HOUSING 6POS 2.5MM JAE Electronics
1734-1017-ND / DT04-12PC CONN RCPT HSG 12POS TE Connectivity Deutsch Connectors
1734-1561-ND / DT04-12PD-CE07 CONN RCPT HSG 12POS TE Connectivity Deutsch Connectors
WM4344-ND / 0513533800 2.0 WTB CONN DIP REC HSG 38CKT Molex
WM17002-ND / 0510211500 CONN HOUSING 15POS 1.25MM Molex
WM26394-ND / 0436450310 CONN RCPT HSG 3POS 3.00MM Molex
WM13361-ND / 5031490800 CONN PLUG DUAL 8POS BEIGE Molex
WM13363-ND / 5031491200 CONN PLUG DUAL 12CKT BEIGE Molex
WM4597-ND / 5031102000 CONN PLUG HSG 20POS 1.25MM Molex
H2026-ND / DF11-18DS-2C CONN SOCKET 18POS 2MM DUAL CRIMP Hirose Electric Co Ltd
DF11-8DS-2C(17)-ND / DF11-8DS-2C(17) CONN SOCKET 8POS 2MM DUAL CRIMP Hirose Electric Co Ltd
H125938-ND / DF1-10S-2.5C CONN SOCKET CRIMP HOUSING 10POS Hirose Electric Co Ltd
DF1-11S-2.5C-ND / DF1-11S-2.5C CONN SOCKET CRIMP HOUSING 11POS Hirose Electric Co Ltd
DF1-13S-2.5C-ND / DF1-13S-2.5C CONN SOCKET CRIMP HOUSING 13POS Hirose Electric Co Ltd
WM10386-ND / 1716920104 CONN RCPT HSG 4POS 5.70MM Molex
WM10387-ND / 1716920106 CONN RCPT HSG 6POS 5.70MM Molex
WM10378-ND / 1700010102 CONN RCPT HSG 2POS MEGA-FIT Molex
WM26655-ND / 1054110106 MEGA-FIT FREEHANG PLUG HSG DR 6C Molex
WM10389-ND / 1716920110 CONN RCPT HSG 10POS 5.70MM Molex
WM10383-ND / 1700010112 CONN RCPT HSG 12POS 5.70MM Molex
WM9083-ND / 0334810302 CONN PLUG 3POS GRAY SINGLE Molex
17-1488991-1-ND / 1488991-1 3P FML ASSY,SEAL,STD,A KEY,NOCPA TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
A30591-ND / 794954-4 CONN RECEPT 4POS FREE HANGING TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
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