Rectangular Connectors - Housings

Connector Type
Contact Termination
Contact Type
Fastening Type
Mounting Type
Number of Positions
Number of Rows
Part Status
Row Spacing
зображення товару каталоговий номер назва товару i опис виробник
WM3600-ND / 0039012021 CONN PLUG 2POS PANEL MOUNT Molex
455-2924-ND / SMP-02V-BC CONN SM CRIMP 2.5MM JST Sales America Inc.
900-0022013027-ND / 0022013027 CONN HOUS 2POS .100 W/RAMP/RIB Molex
455-4151-ND / XARP-02V CONN XA PLUG HOUSING 2POS 2.5MM JST Sales America Inc.
WM8040-ND / 0901420016 CONN HOUSING 16POS .100" DUAL Molex
WM14090-ND / 0901600116 CONN HSG DR FL POLZ 16POS Molex
455-1168-ND / VHR-8N CONN HOUSING VH 8POS 3.96MM WHT JST Sales America Inc.
WM3700-ND / 0039012020 CONN RECEPT 2POS DUAL Molex
WM14958-ND / 1053071202 CONN RCPT HSG 2POS 2.50MM Molex
WM7918-ND / 5013300500 CONN RCPT 1MM VERT 5POS Molex
WM14963-ND / 1053081206 CONN RCPT HSG 6POS 2.50MM Molex
WM14959-ND / 1053071203 CONN RCPT HSG 3POS 2.50MM Molex
WM14962-ND / 1053081204 CONN RCPT HSG 4POS 2.50MM Molex
WM2011-ND / 0022012027 CONN HOUSING 2POS .100 W/RAMP Molex
1734-1080-ND / DTM04-3P CONN RCPT HSG 3POS TE Connectivity Deutsch Connectors
WM2108-ND / 0009503101 CONN HOUSING 10POS .156 W/RAMP Molex
WM3702-ND / 0039012060 CONN RECEPT 6POS DUAL Molex
455-1380-ND / SHR-05V-S-B CONN HOUSING SH 5POS 1MM WHITE JST Sales America Inc.
23-5011893010-ND / 5011893010 CONN RECEPT 1MM DUAL 30POS Molex
A107529-ND / 1969442-9 CONN HOUSING PLUG 9POS TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
A106902-ND / 176270-1 CONN PLUG HSG 1POS UNIV PWR TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
1734-1069-ND / DTM06-2S CONN PLUG HSG 2POS TE Connectivity Deutsch Connectors
WM26720-ND / 2014442208 CONN PLUG HSG 8POS 2.50MM Molex
WM26711-ND / 2014442104 CONN PLUG HSG 4POS 2.50MM Molex
WM10381-ND / 1700010108 CONN RCPT HSG 8POS 5.70MM Molex
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