Rectangular Cable Assemblies

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22-036-211-ND / 22-036-211 DIP CABLE M-F 22POS Aries Electronics
WM15257-ND / 0151340401 PICOBLADE 4 CIRCUIT 100MM Molex
WM15253-ND / 0151340301 PICOBLADE 3 CIRCUIT 100MM Molex
A3CCH-3406M-ND / A3CCH-3406M IDC CABLE - AKC34H/AE34M/AKC34H TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
A3CCH-3406G-ND / A3CCH-3406G IDC CABLE - AKC34H/AE34G/AKC34H TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
1528-1518-ND / 578 4-PIN JST SM PLUG + RECEPTACLE C Adafruit Industries LLC
14-036-211-ND / 14-036-211 DIP CABLE M-F 14POS Aries Electronics
18-036-211-ND / 18-036-211 DIP CABLE M-F 18POS Aries Electronics
WM15266-ND / 0151340602 PICOBLADE 6 CIRCUIT 150MM Molex
H3CCH-3406G-ND / H3CCH-3406G IDC CBL - HHKC34H/AE34G/HHKC34H Assmann WSW Components
PRT-08671-ND / PRT-08671 JUMPER WIRE - JST BLACK BLUE SparkFun Electronics
PRT-08670-ND / PRT-08670 JUMPER WIRE - JST BLACK RED SparkFun Electronics
952-3985-ND / M80-FC305F1-08-0450F1 CBL ASSEM RG178 F-F 450MM 8POS Harwin Inc.
H3BBH-1018M-ND / H3BBH-1018M IDC CBL - HHSR10H/AE10M/HHSR10H Assmann WSW Components
08-036-211-ND / 08-036-211 DIP CABLE M-F 8POS Aries Electronics
A3DDH-3418G-ND / A3DDH-3418G IDC CABLE - AKR34H/AE34G/AKR34H TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
H3DDH-3406M-ND / H3DDH-3406M IDC CBL - HHKR34H/AE34M/HHKR34H Assmann WSW Components
STM025PC2DM024N-ND / STM025PC2DM024N CONN PLUG 25POS 30AWG 24IN TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine
SSL005SC3DM024N-ND / SSL005SC3DM024N CONN RCPT 5POS 32AWG 24IN TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine
1528-2009-ND / 1675 10-PIN 2X5 SOCKET-SOCKET 1.27MM Adafruit Industries LLC
WM15261-ND / 0151340501 PICOBLADE 5 CIRCUIT 100MM Molex
H3BBH-1036G-ND / H3BBH-1036G IDC CBL - HHSR10H/AE10G/HHSR10H Assmann WSW Components
A3DDH-3406M-ND / A3DDH-3406M IDC CABLE - AKR34H/AE34M/AKR34H TE Connectivity AMP Connectors
H3DDH-3406G-ND / H3DDH-3406G IDC CBL - HHKR34H/AE34G/HHKR34H Assmann WSW Components
STM015PC2DM024N-ND / STM015PC2DM024N WDUALOBE CONNECTOR TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine
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