Terminal Blocks - Barrier Blocks

Barrier Type
Bottom Termination
Current Rating (Amps)
Material Flammability Rating
Material - Insulation
Mounting Type
Number of Circuits
Number of Rows
Number of Wire Entries
Operating Temperature
Part Status
Terminal Block Type
Terminal Screw Finish
Terminal Screw Material
Top Termination
Voltage Rating
Wire Gauge
зображення товару каталоговий номер назва товару i опис виробник
431003-11-0-ND / 431003-11-0 CONN BARRIER STRP 11CIRC 0.438" Curtis Industries
431003-12-0-ND / 431003-12-0 CONN BARRIER STRP 12CIRC 0.438" Curtis Industries
OSTYK22316030-ND / OSTYK22316030 CONN BARRIER STRIP 16CIRC 0.25" On Shore Technology Inc.
325223-16-0-ND / 325223-16-0 CONN BARRIER STRP 16CIRC 0.325" Curtis Industries
T38223-16-0-ND / T38223-16-0 CONN BARRIER STRP 16CIRC 0.375" Curtis Industries
OSTYK22313030-ND / OSTYK22313030 CONN BARRIER STRIP 13CIRC 0.25" On Shore Technology Inc.
325223-13-0-ND / 325223-13-0 CONN BARRIER STRP 13CIRC 0.325" Curtis Industries
T38223-13-0-ND / T38223-13-0 CONN BARRIER STRP 13CIRC 0.375" Curtis Industries
OSTYK50223130-ND / OSTYK50223130 CONN BARRIER STRP 23CIRC 0.374" On Shore Technology Inc.
OSTYK60223130-ND / OSTYK60223130 CONN BARRIER STRP 23CIRC 0.394" On Shore Technology Inc.
OSTYK22317030-ND / OSTYK22317030 CONN BARRIER STRIP 17CIRC 0.25" On Shore Technology Inc.
325223-17-0-ND / 325223-17-0 CONN BARRIER STRP 17CIRC 0.325" Curtis Industries
T38223-17-0-ND / T38223-17-0 CONN BARRIER STRP 17CIRC 0.375" Curtis Industries
CBB320-ND / 14-140 CONN BARRIER STRP 14CIRC 0.375" Cinch Connectivity Solutions
CBB112-ND / 12-140 CONN BARRIER STRP 12CIRC 0.375" Cinch Connectivity Solutions
TB200-12BS-ND / TB200-12BS CONN BARRIER STRP 12CIRC 0.437" Eaton - Bussmann Electrical Division
431503-08-0-ND / 431503-08-0 CONN BARRIER STRIP 8CIRC 0.438" Curtis Industries
431503-07-0-ND / 431503-07-0 CONN BARRIER STRIP 7CIRC 0.438" Curtis Industries
T38262-16-0-ND / T38262-16-0 CONN BARRIER STRP 16CIRC 0.375" Curtis Industries
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