Single Conductor Cables (Hook-Up Wire)

Cable Type
Conductor Material
Conductor Strand
Jacket Color
Jacket (Insulation) Diameter
Jacket (Insulation) Material
Jacket (Insulation) Thickness
Operating Temperature
Part Status
Wire Gauge
зображення товару каталоговий номер назва товару i опис виробник
CN407V-500-ND / 10368-26-1-0500-010-1-TS HOOK-UP STRND 26AWG VIOLET 500' CNC Tech
892419WH005-ND / 892419 WH005 HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG WHITE 100' Alpha Wire
CN483L-500-ND / 1430-24-1-0500-005-1-TS HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG BLUE 500' CNC Tech
CN119B-500-ND / 3132-24-1-0500-001-1-TS HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG BLACK 500' CNC Tech
CN523N-500-ND / 1569-24-1-0500-006-1-TS HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG BROWN 500' CNC Tech
CN119GY-500-ND / 3132-24-1-0500-011-1-TS HOOK-UP STRND 24AWG YEL/GRN 500' CNC Tech
6715SL001-ND / 6715 SL001 HOOK-UP STRND 18AWG SLATE 1000' Alpha Wire
6715BR001-ND / 6715 BR001 HOOK-UP STRND 18AWG BROWN 1000' Alpha Wire
6715VI001-ND / 6715 VI001 HOOK-UP STRND 18AWG VIOLET 1000' Alpha Wire
6715OR001-ND / 6715 OR001 HOOK-UP STRND 18AWG ORANGE 1000' Alpha Wire
6715YL001-ND / 6715 YL001 HOOK-UP STRND 18AWG YELLOW 1000' Alpha Wire
A2104N-100-ND / 3077 BR005 HOOK-UP STRND 16AWG BROWN 100' Alpha Wire
AT221934G-100-ND / AT221934 GR005 HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG GREEN 100' Alpha Wire
AT221934A-100-ND / AT221934 OR005 HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG ORANGE 100' Alpha Wire
AT221934L-100-ND / AT221934 BL005 HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG BLUE 100' Alpha Wire
AT221934RD002-ND / AT221934 RD002 HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG RED 500' Alpha Wire
AT221934GR001-ND / AT221934 GR001 HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG GREEN 1000' Alpha Wire
AT221934SL001-ND / AT221934 SL001 HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Alpha Wire
AT221934OR001-ND / AT221934 OR001 HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG ORANGE 1000' Alpha Wire
AT221934WH001-ND / AT221934 WH001 HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG WHITE 1000' Alpha Wire
AT221934Y-100-ND / AT221934 YL005 HOOK-UP STRND 22AWG YELLOW 100' Alpha Wire
2840/7GR005-ND / 2840/7 GR005 HOOK-UP STRND 32AWG GREEN 100' Alpha Wire
81044/12-22-2-DS-ND / 81044/12-22-2 HOOK-UP DL STRND 22AWG RED FEET TE Connectivity Raychem Cable Protection
A132445-DS-ND / FLTWC0311-22-0 FLEXLITE CABLE STRANDED FEET TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine
A132446-DS-ND / FLTWC0311-22-2 FLEXLITE CABLE STRANDED FEET TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine
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